Perceptual Balance

Integrative Bodywork

by Erica Kluge, AOS, CR™, LMT

reframing perception, Improving performance

By fusing ROLFING® structural integration with techniques of Thai massage and myoskeletal alignment, Erica helps her clients improve their quality of life.  With offices in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Denton County, Texas, she has succesfully helped clients facing a range of physical conditions including:

Sport Performance


Physical Shock & Trauma

Soft Tissue Maintenance

Sprains & Strains

Postural Imbalances & Scoliosis

How Erica Works

After a consultation, Erica will explain possible plans from the following types of sessions:

Structural Integration Sessions

3 to 15 sessions that reframe perception and increase coordination in the body using Dr. Ida Rolf’s protocol. 

Spot Work Sessions

1 to 3 sessions that utilize hands-on therapy accompanied with movement to target specific issues.


Movement Sessions

1 to 3 sessions that repattern postural habits and increase a better understanding of the body and its functions.

About Erica

Erica Kluge, AOS, CR™, LMT, is an accomplished soft tissue practitioner, who has the uncanny ability to work through superficial and deep layers with little to no discomfort.  She systematically works with the physiology of the soft tissue to improve the functional network surrounding the nerves, veins, and arteries.  She has combined her years of experience and education to help clients build a deeper relationship with their bodies and maintain their activities with aging and after injury. Her clients range from dedicated athletes and active seniors to children.

From Clients

“I am age 70, have severe scoliosis, & one of a few post-Polio patients surviving from the 1950’s. I am paraplegic & utilize long leg braces & crutches to walk & more importantly support my independence.  Erica has worked tirelessly to both lengthen my torso, as well as relieving discomfort from my crutch-walking day-to-day activities. In our very first session, Erica stated her goal was to keep me upright, & crutch-walking independent as long as possible. I am very grateful to have found Erica’s skill, knowledge, talent, & humanity; and treasure her Rolfing gifts & friendship.”

Jack K. – Client Since 2010

“I had debilitating pain during pregnancy and Erica not only alleviated the pain, but also taught me how to prevent future episodes through simple exercises.”

Anna L. – Client Since 2010

“My doctor told me surgery to “clip the pully” was the best option for my trigger thumb. Looking for an alternative I found Erica. After a few months of “Erica Therapy” my trigger thumb was gone and I had normal movement. On another occasion, I fractured both ulnas resulting in less than full extension of my forearms even with months of physical therapy. Now Erica has them almost straightened out, resulting in a more comfortable night’s rest. Avoiding Surgery, regaining full arm extensions & improved general wellbeing are three of the benefits I’ve received after seeing Erica. I recommend her without reservation.”

Len C. – Age 68 & Client for past 2 years